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Emily's Story

Emily is our Lurcher.  She was found in Belhus Woods Country Park in April 2013.  Someone was bird watching near the derelict farmhouse and heard scratching in one of the sheds.  Emily was found inside.  She was brought back to the visitor centre and was waiting for the dog warden when I met her.  She was in such a state.  Fleas were crawling all over her, she smelt so musty and had scabs all over.  She was rake thin, as can be seen in the right hand photo of her and Simon, she had also been hit on the head.

I couldn't let her go to the pound.  With her being in such a state I was sure they would put her to sleep.  I informed the dog warden that I would take her.  I intended to get her better and then rehome her through a rescue.  

She is still not better.

I insured her that first day but when she went to the vet they noted a skin condition.  

It has never been cured and I now know she is allergic to dust and storage mites, it is a condition she will always suffer from.  The insurance company refused to pay for any treatment as it was considered a pre-existing condition.

Her allergies have proven very difficult to manage and eventually we had to consult with a Veterinary Dermatologist.  When we first met her Dermatologist she had sores all over, as can be seen in the middle picture.  Very powerful (and expensive) immunosuppressents helped make her comfortable but even these didn't control it completely and have some terrible side effects.  This led us to consult the Holistic Vet Richard Allport in December 2015.  We are now following his advice to see if we can use homeopathic remedies to try and successfully manage the allergies with fewer side effects.

So far all this has cost us thousands of pounds and we are desperately running out of funds.  If we can't afford her medication she will have to be put to sleep.  She is an amazing dog and we love her very much.  Please help us to continue to buy what she needs.